How to start an Orchard

1. Choose the site

• Look for
– Sunny, sheltered site
– Room for your trees with around 4 meters between them

• Avoid
–Frost pockets
–Poorly drained or shallow soils

2. Check the soil

Find out what you have before you choose varieties

3. Choose varieties

Consider type, taste, pollination, size, disease resistance and ideal growing conditions

4. Plant trees

• Dig a hole no deeper than the roots, but up to three times the diameter of the root system
• Make sure the graft is above ground
• Firm the soil
• Water in well
• Mulch

5. Look after it

• New trees need 10 – 20l of water per week
• Keep the area underneath them weed free
• Cut off any growth below the graft line
• Remove all the blossom in the first year

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