Our Team

Julia Lockwood
Julia Lockwood

I joined Transition Town Marlow because of the wonderfully feasible ideas of the Transition Movement: that a sustainable lifestyle, resilience to outside forces and the building of a strong community lies within our own hands. I am committed to developing successful strategies within Marlow to help us face the challenges of life in the 21st Century together. I am a director of Transition Town Marlow CIC, a writer, a homeopath, and mother of three boys.

Liz Lorente
Liz Lorente

I joined Transition Town Marlow in March 2009.  It answered my need for working in very practical ways to reduce carbon emissions and prepare for a less oil-dependant future. An accountant by trade I have just finished building our family home together with my husband, using as many carbon-lowering principles currently available to us.  Using knowledge learned from this amazing process I have started the ‘Homes Group’ within TTM.

Paul MansellPaul Mansell

I’m a Marlow resident of some 24 years, married to a ‘local girl’ Hayley, and we have twin 13 year old daughters who attend Sir William Borlases’s Grammar School. I’m a graphic designer by trade but I’m also the PR & marketing director for our local community radio station, MarlowFM, and a director of Transition Town Marlow.

I believe in ‘the community’; in bringing people together to share ideas, to inform and to help one another. Transition Town Marlow has the potential to do all of this and help strengthen our community for the future.

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